Treat your body well, you´ll keep it ´til the end

Who I am – meet the exceptional one

Sports is my passion since I was a small boy. I need to keep moving!

I started playing basketball as a kid, but after a while discovered, that I was much more talented at football.
Any type of sports that I do (and there is not much, that I have not tried), I do with perfection.
It was Raso Milenko Radovanovic, former Champion in the former Yugoslavian National Team, who taught me boxing. When I wanted to increase my skills in long distance running, I joined the Marathon Team of the late Winnfried Aufenanger, former Head Coach of the German National Team of Marathon.

By choosing the best to learn from, I aim to get better every day. I never give up and neither will let you down!

I am convinced: You can achieve far more than you think is possible.

Every question, every problem, is a challenge and the greater the challenge, the more precise, skilful, and professional the approach has to be so that we are winners in the end.

What is also very important to me is the idea of the team and the team spirit! We can´t achieve our goals alone. The better the team, the more successful we will be! I offer the perfect fusion of medicine and professional sports coaching.
Every day I work to build a network of experienced professionals in medicine, physiotherapy, management and sports coaching to provide you with the best team.