Digital Detox

recommended for min. 2 people

Go offline and be in the moment

Don´t you know the feeling of just quickly sitting down, wanting to read the News on your phone, suddenly being distracted by someone’s message that pops up which then leads to something that you always wanted to “google” and of course – in that moment your phone is ringing…

Eventually you have neither read the news, nor replied to your friend´s message. It is a very common thing happening to almost every person that is using a smartphone.
Are you aware of that? Good! With this awareness you will be able to open up for what we have prepared for you.

This creation of a Regeneration for full mental- and physical awareness, will clear both your mind and your body. Every day will be different, every day will be lively and colourful and every day will have moments, that you will see and keep for life.

You won´t be forbidden to use your phone, but we will kindly advise you to leave it in the safely chosen place for the whole time of the Regeneration. You may use it wisely for 30 minutes a day to get in touch with people of necessity.

Please leave your Laptop, Tablet, Nintendo, Smartwatch, etc. at home.